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Our talks have no set format, usually 40 – 60 minutes in length which normally generates a good spectrum of projects and work to discuss. Most visiting practitioners talk about their projects; unbuilt, built, competitions, nightmares, their inspirations, experiences and then tackle questions from the inquisitive audience at the end of the talk. Covid-19 introduced virtual lectures to the society due to the government restrictions that were in place. We are now hoping to return to in-person lectures but are well prepared for virtual lectures or socials where and when required.

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The 57°10 Architecture Society attracts mainly students and educators and it is the highest subscribed society at Robert Gordon University. The society is also an informal social outlet for people with similar interests in the built environment. We welcome other associated disciplines such as art, product design, graphic design, architectural technology and surveying; feeling that we can learn from the many and different disciplines beyond the world of purely architecture. 


The society believes in a legitimate connectivity between students, tutors, members of the public and visiting professionals. We promote a relaxed and informal setting, whilst discussing shared interests and we do this in many ways!

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